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Gary Dahle Pro Audio Repair is an authorized parts and service center for Ampeg, Crate, Crest Audio, EVH, Eden, Fender, Gallien Kreuger, Gretsch, Groove Tubes, Hartke, Hughes and Kettner, Kustom, Line6, Mackie, Marshall, Mercury Magnetics, Mesa Boogie, Peavey, Randall, Samson, Sound Tech, SWR, Traynor, Vox and Yorkville products.

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Shop Hours:11:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday thru Friday 

We can repair your guitar amp, bass amp, tube amp, solid state amp, P.A. system, mixer,  power amp, guitar wiring, bass wiring, speaker system, effects pedals and other pro audio equipment. We are an authorized repair center for many brands. Work is done in our repair shop located in Sarasota, Florida. Check our used gear for amps, mixers, speakers and other equipment. We also have knobs and jacks available and are a Groove Tubes dealer. We do Mercury Magnetics transformer installs. Check the photo gallery for some photos of vintage tube amps and other equipment in for repair.


Check, money order, or paypal; $25 minimum.
Shipping -$6.99 per order in the U.S.  FREE shipping on orders over $100!
Call 941-379-2077 or email

             K101 - Fender vintage style knob, skirted,        white lettering; set screw - $3.75 ea.

                J101 - Fender 4 pin jack; mono; PC mount - $6.50 ea.
                  K102 - Fender skirted Roc Pro rotary knob w/white lettering; push on - $2.50 ea.                          J102 - Fender 9 pin jack; stereo; PC mount - $8.50  ea.                                                  
                   K103 - Fender Black hat knob; push on  - $3.50 ea.              J110 - Switchcraft 11, 1/4" female mono jack; open circuit - $3.00 ea.                               
                   K104 - Fender red pointer knob; push on  - $3.00                J111 - Switchcraft 12B, 1/4" female stereo jack;        double open circuit - 3.50 ea.                
                   K105 - Fender chicken head knob; set screw  -       $3.75 ea.                                                      J112 - Switchcraft 152B, 1/4" threaded endpin jack - $10.00 ea.                                         
                 K110 - Marshall black knob with silver top;            1/4"  shaft, set screw - $3.75 ea                        J113 - Switchcraft RN112-1/4" mono jack NC switch-PC mount-$3.75 Ea.                            
                   K111 - Marshall black knob with gold top; 1/4" shaft set screw - $2.50 ea.                                 J120 - Mono jack PC mount, metal nut - $3.00 ea.

                  JW1 - Indicator lamp jewel;blue, red or green-$2.50 ea.                                              

              J121 - Stereo jack PC mount, metal nut - $3.50 ea.

               L1 - #47 6.3V Replacement bulb for Fender and    others - $1.50 ea.                          

                 J122 - Mono jack, PC mount;4 terminals;
                 switched; replacement for Marshall, Crate,     
and more . . - $3.00 ea.                      

          J123 - Mono jack, PC mount, L-leg; 4 terminals; 
    switched; Replacement for GK and Fender - 
$3.25 ea.
                 J124- Stereo jack, PC mount, 6 terminals;switched; - $3.25 ea.                                         
           J125 - Stereo jack,  6 PC terminals, L-leg mount;
     Replacement for Fender and GK - $3.50 ea.
                 J130 - Kobicon 16PJ509 - 1/4" stereo jack, PC mount - $3.50                                            
                 J131 - Kobicon 16PJ500 - 1/4" mono jack, NC switch, PC mount $3.50 ea.                           
     XLR1 - Peavey XLR female insert - $3.75 ea.
N1 - Plastic Cliff jack nut - 3 for $2.00